What is Social Bookmarking and How it can help in SEO?

In simple terms, the definition is to Bookmark your website on Social media is known as Social Bookmarking.

In other words, Social Bookmarking is a technique to gain good quality Backlinks. Good Social Bookmarking Sites has a large number of users.

Similarly doing Social Bookmarking, we can introduce our website to various related categories and also receive a large number of backlinks. Moreover, it is very vital to do Social Bookmarking properly and also do the same on the website with High PR

How To Do Social Bookmarking?

Well, it is important to do any work in a proper way to get its benefits. Because, if you do not use a proper way to do social bookmarking, it will also harm your website. Please, check below how to do social bookmarking properly.

All High DA Social Bookmarking Sites are different. Hence, it is not easy work for anyone to do it effectively.

  • First, you all have to understand their rules and regulations.
  • To get approval fast, do not use spamming.
  • Make your profile good and social.
  • Do comments’ on other posts, re-share other articles, Like others’ posts.
  • You will get good benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites when you create an innovative title, creative description, use keywords and most important thing to do is that you must choose a relevant category.

How Important social bookmarking for SEO?

Social bookmarking allows customers to save lots of hyperlinks on the web for future reference. It’s relatively like creating bookmarks on the internet browser.

 Alternatively, you save the hyperlinks that you simply like on social bookmarking internet sites. This source is the first-class way to get a variety of back-links and traffic to your website/blog, which additionally helps you with search engine optimization.

Social bookmarking has remained to be probably the most common SEO technique for a long time now and marketers undoubtedly do realize how important this method.

9 Reasons Why You Must Use Social Bookmarking for SEO?

Like I mentioned before, social bookmarking is similar to bookmarking any links to the web browser. You like a link and you bookmark it so that you could open it later and notice it. However, social bookmarking is completed for an intent, which is to benefit a business by means of generating one-way links and traffic. Let’s speak about benefits.

Accessibility -The very crucial feature of social bookmarking websites is that they aren’t restricted to one computer, you have access to them anywhere in places you access the Internet.

Website Traffic– Social bookmarking is the best way to bring traffic to your website. If your content is worth reading, you may get a lot of attention or you may even start trending on the social profiles.

Website Traffic- shaktilima.com

You may start getting a good amount of traffic but you also need to ensure that they stay and are converted. If your bounce rate is high that means something is wrong and you need to find a solution to fix it.

The social bookmarking process is absolutely free and more effective. Social bookmarking plays a very important role in the link building process to optimize any website or a blog to the search engines. Search engines will rank higher the websites or blogs that are bookmarked in social bookmarking websites.

The main reason for this is, all the social bookmarking has the highest page rank therefore the websites which are linked to them are also ranked by Google very well and very high in search engines.

Link Building Made Easy-Looking at the popularity and acceptance of social bookmarking sites, Search Engines like Google and Yahoo began indexing these websites or pages also. If your blog or sites listed on the Social bookmarking website. Then your website is going to be listed in the Search Engine result pages.

This manner you will enjoy the main benefit of backlinks juice to your website. Additionally, it enhances domain authority and page authority on the website. From the Search Engine marketing viewpoint using a social bookmarking website that permits backlinks.

As a result of Social bookmarking websites constantly refresh content, Search Engines like Google and Yahoo like Google usually re-index these websites

Backlinks from Social bookmarking– After site owners discovered that Search Engines like google and Yahoo would take into account social bookmarks a worthwhile useful resource of backlink, They flooded tagging websites.

As a result, these websites would use no observe attribute which prevented sites from receiving any way link benefits.

Because of the higher page rank of the social bookmarking sites if your listed your blog or website on those websites will bring many quality backlinks to your website.

Backlinks from Social Bookmarking- Shaktilima.com

More Online Visibility– On-line visibility is another advantage when you use a social bookmarking website. For instance, you have got a hyperlink that would go to a page on your site and you also sort into google “Hyperlink: Domain Name”. 

This can provide you what number of websites are linking for your site. Just do exactly the same for the post as well simple by pacing those posts into citation marks after which it is possible to find out those websites that actually are choosing the content you wrote.

 If you work with social bookmarking for that post, then you will discover simply the number of websites are sharing that link.

Increase Subscribers– If you post interesting content, you may get subscribers to your blogs and articles and more followers to your site.

Apart from this, Google tends to crawl your website faster as these Google bots search for social bookmarking sites continually and you’ll see that these spiders crawl your website rather quickly once you start bookmarking sites.

Viral Advertising– Viral Advertising is a business strategy that uses existing social networks to promote a business. These days much online marketing begins using social bookmarking for getting a faster index to their websites. 

By submitting to different social bookmarking websites it’s possible to make their website or pages to be seen to the Search Engines in a short span of time.

Google Crawls Your Site Faster-The added speed of Social Bookmarking sites will astound you the first time you place your links in them. Above all Web crawlers and spiders search bookmarking sites almost continually, so you will find that they crawl your links very soon after you place them. In some cases, it’s an immediate action.

Google Crawling-Shaktilima.com

Page ranking is what being found is all about. You can have the best-designed website in the world, but it won’t do you any good unless viewers can find it.

With a high page ranking you can use affiliate links to monetize your pages or even add new pages and websites that are connected to your original site and their ranking will quickly improve.

It will take some diligence on your part to get all of your pages bookmarked by logging in to the site and adding URLs, descriptions, and keywords or tags. In other words, it can be challenging, but well worth the effort.

Improve your domain authority 

With search engines and website users alike for low bounce rates and improved visibility

How to submit URL in social bookmarking sites for instant approval?

Submitting URLs in social bookmarking is very easy. However, after completing the following four steps you will get a quality backlink for your website.


First of open a social bookmarking website on the given list. You can also open multiple sites on a single time by using a URL opener.


After entering a website you have to register for signing up the website.


After registering on the website you have now completed your profile. You have to enter all the necessary information about your website. Like website link, title, description, keywords and etc.


Finally, you have to saw a SUBMIT LINK button. You have to click on the submit link and your link will be instantly indexed. You have no need to wait for the approval. Therefore these are instant approval social bookmarking site lists in 2019.

Social bookmarking submission sites give you high-quality no-follow and do-follow backlinks. These sites will increase your site’s DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority) and PR (Google page rank).

Tips for Effective Social Bookmarking

With WordPress, it’s quite easy to bring the power of Social on your blog with plugins. There are many Social bookmarking plugins like Digg Digg, which will instantly help you to add bookmark buttons on your blog posts and users can quickly share it. Apart from adding buttons, here are some tips to make most out of your social bookmarking campaign:

  • Never use Automatic Tools and blast hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites.
  • Use variations in Title, Description and Anchor text for Penguin Safety
  • Focus on the Content primarily. Quality of your content determines your subscription rate and chances of getting into the front page of high traffic bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon.
  • This is where most of the bloggers face misconceptions. If you are asked to choose categories of your article link, only choose relevant ones. Spamming categories/tags don’t relate to traffic you receive in any way and it might push your links down to the bottom
  • Use interesting titles to get higher CTR.

It is recommended you to join niche-based bookmarking sites, which will make sure your bounce rate and avg. time on site will get better. If any of your posts are getting good referral traffic from social bookmarking sites, make sure to add more related and internal links to direct users to other related content on your blog.

Top 50 list of Free High DA New Social Bookmarking Submission Website List in 2020

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Creating backlinks for your website is an off-page SEO technique. And backlinks are more important for any website ranking.

Hence social bookmarking is one of the best techniques for creating do-follow and no-follow backlinks. 

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