Grey Hat Method to Rank your videos in Youtube

Grey Hat Method to Rank your videos on the top of the search results on YouTube.

 I am going to reveal one of the methods to rank your videos on top of the search results of YouTube.

 First of all, before creating your video, you have to pick the top 3 videos ranking on YouTube (on the main keyword/topic you are going to make a video).

 Use Extension VIDIQ (free chrome extension) to see tags of that videos. Copy them in a notepad.

 Make your video duration longer than the duration of those top videos.

While creating your video, shout out your main keywords/topic in the first 10 seconds of your video (as YouTube algorithm can listen to your voice as well).

For example: If you are making a video on the topic “Search Engine optimization” then shout out the name SEO, search engine optimization, etc. in the first 10 seconds of your video. Trust me it works.

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Make the best Thumbnail (Keep it simple and attractive and curious). Do not put so much text over it but make it so attractive that people should click.

Chose the best Tags (from top 3 videos), use only 10 keywords, 5 short tail, and 5 long-tail keywords, put your channel name in tags as well.

Put your title up to 60 to 70 words and use the same Title in description (at the first line of description)

You have to upload your video in MP4 format only.

Small hack: Put your all keywords while your video is processing by YouTube only.

Publish your video as soon as possible it finishes uploading (Do not schedule the video).

Time to upload (9.30 PM to 10.30 PM) only, most of my videos ranked (over millions of views)

When uploaded this time.

After uploading your video, share as much as you can to your friends and relatives on different social media channels.

Big Hack and secrete:

😊it’s a little bit interesting so listen carefully:

Go to YouTube and try to search your keywords, maybe your video will not come in top of search results, so click the first video which is coming on top of search results and watch that video up to 5 to 8 seconds and leave that video (by clicking back button only) and go back to search results.

Click another video on search results and watch that another video for 4 to 5 seconds, like that repeat the process for 3 to 4 videos.

Now it’s time for your video, search your video by filtering recently uploaded videos (if not in search results), your video will come up and now click on your video and watch till the end.

Give your video full watch time and like the video after watching half of the duration.

Remember to repeat this process multiple times for 4 to 5 days.

Do this from multiple IP’s(use your friends and relatives mobile, use mobile data, do not use the same WIFI again and again).

Remember this will work only if your video is engaging, as after that YouTube will suggest your videos to other persons if they will also give maximum watch time then YT will show to maximum People.

More the watch time you will get then the video will gradually come in the top of search results.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

If any doubt then, feel free to ask me in the comment box.

One question for you guys: 

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