How to Write SEO Content That Ranks [2020]

In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process on How to Write SEO Content That Ranks in 2020. To do that, one has to generate keyword targeted pages that rank on the first page of Google

The SEO content production procedure will provide you with the ability to produce first page positions and drive loads of free organic search traffic to your site.

So the very first step of the method is to establish your search intents strategy. Just ask yourself a set of questions. 

What’s this individual searching for when they hunt that keyword phrase?


What problem are they trying to solve, and what solution do they want? 

These questions will help you to step into the customer shoes, but I also want to help you avoid choosing, so here are the main categories of searcher intent.

Categories of Searcher Intent

The first kind of searcher intent will be informational inquiries. And informational lookup questions are often on the top of the funnel, and so a few illustrations comprise what’s SEO or the way to build links?

Searchers in this phase of the funnel are likely not prepared to purchase, so that is why you want to create informative based content that satisfies this kind of intent.

The other sort of intention would be for comparison questions. At this point, searchers are more in-depth to the funnel, and they are working to determine which solution they would like to pick. A good illustration could be Dell laptops versus HP laptops.

The third sort of intention is the transactional keyword, meaning that the searcher is in the funnel base and prepared to purchase. 

The fourth kind of intention is the navigational keyword, so the searcher already understands the new, or is a client of this brand.

Pretty much every keyword phrase may fall under a couple of those classes.

Research for your target keyword

So after you have thought about that, all you have to do is research the rank results for your target keyword, therefore if nearly all the outcomes are blog articles, you know that you want to create a blog article

In case nearly all the outcomes are product pages, you are aware that it would be sensible to attempt and rank a merchandise page.
So what you would like to do is simply scan the results and search for some common topics. Google shows the way a content or article satisfying intent for a specific keyword phrase.

So that is all that you will need to understand for going through and trying to determine how you are going to meet the purpose and find a good deal of posts, then you are aware that you want to write a report.

If you find a lot of product pages, then you know that you will need to compose an item page. If you find plenty of homepages, then you understand that perhaps you should attempt and position your site. However, the important thing is to concentrate on the real intent of that keyword.

The most important lesson is that you want to prevent following the blanket suggestions you ought to write 2000 word posts simply. What things are satisfying the search goal. More articles are usually a fantastic idea, but it does not imply it must come in the kind of a blog article.

Create your content plan

The next part of the procedure is to create your content plan, and the fact is, creating a smart strategy has become the most significant part of the process, and the formula for beating the opponents is straightforward.

Create a substantially different page, and 10 x higher than what’s presently standing. One needs to distinguish your content from the competition.

But before we get into this, you should see what you’re confronting, and you need to examine your opponents to find out what their weaknesses and strengths are.

The entire process becomes much simpler if you consider these points before making your content. You will want to examine a few essential elements.

Points to consider before making your content

 Are your opponents using pictures, videos, or sound, and when not, all of these are tactical benefits for you?


Do what they are not doing. Articles are simple to make, but creating different kinds of media is harder, and the harder something is, the less likely people are eager to get it done. Keep in mind that fulfilling the search goal is the main thing.

Word count

Get a normal word count to your top five opponents and then double it. By way of instance, if the typical competitor has 1500 words on its webpage, you must aim to produce a 3000-word material advantage. 


Can be optimized with keywords, short paragraphs, effective writing, and above all, multimedia. And yet another readability point you want to examine is the ease of this content.

Is the material written for the -average individual, or can it be composed like a thesis? Simple and easy to read content perform better on all fronts. The sole exception is when your target market would be the specialists within a given area. 

Layout and UX

Some websites focus on monetization rather than UX, which is your benefit. Sites that perform well in search are usually content and user-centric. You need to keep in mind that searchers are visiting a website because they’re on the lookout for a solution to your problem. You must assist them, not divert them from what their aim is.

And you are going to find the chance to sell them something if you provide them the value they have requested.

Do not attempt to follow different influencers on your business, you can naturally learn from them, but continuously be yourself as that making your articles different.

How to make articles different

Here are a few practical methods to make your articles different

Use Qualitative data

Utilize unique case research with qualitative data. To begin with, you may produce your case studies, that’s the ideal route. As an alternative, you may reference current case studies or information from authoritative resources. Each method will fortify your articles and add a second level to it. If you want to find market-related case studies, visit Google, then enter the following search sequence.

Example- ‘backlinks +case study.’

But what if there is not case research in your industry? Well, that’s a golden chance for you to show the way. Relevant stories create your articles more relatable and engaging, and they’re a highly useful tool for educating and persuading too.

By sitting down and imagining your expertise in your business, you’ve got stories, and you only have to flush them out. But what if you are new to a business and do not have lots of related stories to share?

No worries, as a narrative is a narrative, and this means that you may borrow stories you have listened to from friends, clients, competitors, or even anyone else. Any appropriate description can deepen your articles and make it even more impactful.

Use different media form

I genuinely think that more media forms you increase in your articles, the better it will be.

Everybody dig content differently online, some people today love article posts, but some love audio and video. You need to cater to such tastes. It makes your articles more profound and unique, and the fact is, most companies will not go through the use of recording movies, making the sound, etc.

It’s comfortable to sit behind a computer and write content, but it’s intimidating and logistically testing to record high-quality videos and audio.

Just do not hesitate since you can blow past your competitors if you leverage distinct media types. It is tough initially; however, it becomes much easier once you have assembled the machine. And there is one huge point I wish to highlight here. And that includes your pictures, your movies, your graphs, etc, and this also adds amounts to your articles.

It is considerably different from the competitors when you include media forms in your content like pictures, diagrams, images, graphs, videos, sound files, GIFs, and infographics. Well, it is much easier than you probably believe.

Add more value

If you want to beat your competitors, simply do one thing. Add more value. Your content or product has to be 10x superior to your competitor, who ranks on the top of the search, and I am confident that you get the point by now, but to be higher, you need to be valuable.

It is as straightforward as that.
Always ask yourself,
what do I do to enhance the lives of my prospects?

And also, include as much value as you can, given my current time and funds?

So now, you learn how to create your content better and differently.

Let me introduce some tactics for maintaining your prospects preoccupied with your content or pages. All these are high-impact activities that will help keep your prospects participated. But below are a few additional micro strategies you should be taking into consideration.

Eighth-grade article 

Write into an eighth-grader. I say you need don’t make your articles for experts, and most people within a given industry are average proficiency. That means your content ought to be simple to read and clear for the average individual. 

I strongly suggest that you make the most of this Flesch reading score metric, which means that your content is simpler to comprehend. Bear in mind your content is not about showing your comprehension.

Design your articles to help individuals attain a goal or solve an issue. Nobody cares about just how smart you think you’re. Individuals are only concerned about how you are going to assist them.

Simplify complex issues and make your content simple to comprehend. 

Care for grammar and punctuation.

You might even employ an editor when you’ve got the budget. Big blocks of text move unread on the world wide web, which means that your paragraph should be no longer than one to four lines.,

If you are having trouble composing shorter paragraphs, then you likely will need to reduce the fat out of your writing or simplify it. And the following method is to maintain your content over the fold. 

Maintaining your content over the fold is especially critical for natural search traffic. Since they came to a website searching for a solution for their problem, and you need to try to provide them an answer when possible without them needing to scroll.

Whatever pushes your content under the fold is generally a distraction and does not add value to this reader.

Article Writing Format As Below

1.Use Headings

Many internet users scan articles before committing to studying it. And that is when headings become involved. A reader needs to be able to comprehend what your content is all about only by studying your keywords. 

2.Pattern interrupts

The next way is to utilize pattern interrupts. The following method is to remove distractions. Most sites are full of distractions, which include little, if any, value to the consumer. A few of those distractions include your sidebar, advertisements, or immaterial pop-ups.

And one must keep in mind that the experience that the person has on your website is what makes their return or never return. The fact is short-term conversion-focused thinking typically contributes to a bad experience. 

Stay content and consumer-centric, and your website’s expertise will begin to improve. 

Now that you understand all of the tactics and strategies you can use to produce effective SEO content, it is time to create it. I strongly advise that you construct a content creation process, even when you’re the only man generating.

It is essential to set a system on since you are going to have the ability to scale much quicker when you begin to add new members for a group.

Content creation workflow

Now, here is how the content creation workflow appears with these positions set up. 

Phase 1, produce a material shortly. The content short is a synopsis of everything you are attempting to accomplish with the material choice. It is where you must strategize also. 

Some important factors to include in the articles short will be your 

  • Target keyword
  • Word count
  • Competition weaknesses

You’ll wind up capitalizing on distinction techniques you are likely to utilize, research or data you are going to wind up using, a content outline, or whatever may assist the copywriter in doing their job better. 

Phase 2 would be to send a summary to the writer.

Phase 3 would be to assign images to the developer. 

And Stage 4 will be to finish all of the revisions. 

Now, there could be another point in this procedure. If you are creating custom pages to your search engine optimization content, which might involve using an internet developer and also a web designer to make those pages.

But generally, for most of your content resources, you likely won’t be performing custom layouts. Still, it’s crucial to mention that since some keywords will need a more sophisticated strategy in which you create a customized page.

So after you get through each of these phases, it is time to maximize your articles. Below are the essential points you want to understand. 

  • It isn’t important how much you maximize your webpage if your articles are low in quality. Now, the most significant action to optimize a webpage would be keyword positioning. 
  • Keyword variations. Use Google’s suggested outcomes to locate keyword variants to put inside your articles and keywords.

All these are no-brainers; however, your page must load quickly, and it needs to be mobile-friendly. The following method is to utilize outside links. Link out to trusted resources in your specialty or super trustworthy resources from .edu or even .gov sites. And it provides a degree of confidence in your articles.

Final Thoughts

Now, remember your content manufacturing procedure will change based on the sort of content.

Creating a text-based asset requires a different process than creating a video or audio asset. After you’ve optimized your content and when you have optimized your articles, you’re ready to publish, and thus that is it. You just sit and see your positions just climb. 

I wish it had been simple. Producing the asset is simply the first phase. You then need to promote your content asset.

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