How Much YouTubers Make For 1,000 Views ?

How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views? There is a ton of confusion on this topic. This is a chunky topic so I’m gonna try to keep it simple and I want to break it down to you in three different sections. So when we ask the question of how much does YouTube pay for 1,000 views we have to first look at

What types of views get money numbers?

How much YouTube payout to YouTubers?

How we can make the most amount of money on a thousand views?

There are two types of views

Video view¬†-A video view is when someone watches your video but they didn’t watch the ad in front/during/after your video it’s just a view on your video.

Ad view-An ad view is when somebody watches the ad video that plays before/during/after your video now YouTubers make money on YouTube based on how many 1000 AD views you get on your channel.

You do not get paid if the viewer skips the ad.

So then how much does YouTube pay for 1000 AD views now to understand that more deeply let’s go to this article from influencer marketing¬†How Much YouTubers Make For 1,000 Views? shows us that Google pays out 68% of their Adsense revenue for every 100 dollars that an advertiser pays. Google pays $68 to the publisher or the video creator. The actual rate that an advertiser pays usually varies between 10 cents to 30. But averages out at around 18 cents per ad view so on average a YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1000 AD views. This roughly equates to $3 to $5 per 1000 video views. Now you need to understand that this is based on YouTube’s wide averages. Topmost channel to down to the newest YouTube Partner Program when you take in all of those numbers you’re getting this massively cool $18 CPM. But there’s a wide range of CPMs that you could be making.

The CPM is determined on a sliding scale that’s based on several different factors like

1. How many ad views total you have on the video which means how many people watch the video for a minimal amount of time and

2. Then you have the duration of the ad view which is how long did they watch the ad.

Did they watch the whole ad or did they watch 40% of the ad?

3. It’s also based on click-throughs of the ad which means how many people clicked the ad. It’s based on purchases from the ad or how many people bought the products on the other end of that ad.

YouTube pays more for 1,000 views if the viewer watches the ad for longer clicks on the ad or buys a product from the ad. It is so important to dial in your YouTube avatar or your intended audience and makes videos that are hyper-specific to their needs.

Because the more similar your audience is the better YouTube is algorithm will be able to match your videos with the right advertisers. So your audience will watch more of the ad and more likely to click on the ad and is more likely to buy the product. Having a well-defined avatar improves your CPM and means that you can get paid more per 1000 views as you continue to grow on YouTube. 

I hope this article was knowledgable and informative for all those Youtuber.

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