7 Techniques to Combat Facebook Ad Fatigue

Techniques to combat Facebook Ad fatigue is something you really want to watch out for with your Facebook ad campaigns .Make sure that your target audience aren’t becoming bored with your ad .If they do your results are gonna drop off and they can drop off really really quickly when that does happen .

So we’ve got seven techniques here that can help prevent .

Let’s get started .

Number One

Refresh your ad creative, now this sounds like quite an obvious technique and it is but it’s worth including. So if you’ve got an offer that’s working for a product or a service that you’re not going to necessarily want to change. You’re gonna want to keep advertising it this work for in the past. But if you start to see that results are dropping off as your audience becomes bored with it you can refresh your ad creative .You can try using different images, try testing different headlines and that can give some more juice & give some more life to that offer .Also it allow you to run it a bit longer while generating great results.

Number Two

Use a different ad format so it’s kind of along the lines of refreshing the ad creative but instead of just simply changing your image or your headline or something like that try and use a different format. So if you’re using static image ads you could try converting that into video. If that applies to your your products if you’re using video you could go to static images you could try slideshow ads or carousel ads. But try and change up the ad format because when your target audience see that ad again for another time they won’t immediately think “oh that’s just the same product or service I’ve already seen “and they’ll ignore it. They will give it a bit more attention because it looks completely different to the previous .

Number Three

At number three is to use the reach objective so the reach objective helps you reach as many people in your target audience as possible .Now you might think that that’s surely what Facebook’s doing with your ad campaigns anyway but they’re not if you’re using. For example something like the conversions objective then Facebook will work out who within your target audience is most likely to take your desired action and that might mean they’re a 10 percent or even less than that of your total target audience actually see your ad with the reach objective. A larger percentage of your target audience will see your ad and that means your ads being kind of put in front of more people and there’s less frequency on your ad. If you are starting to see how fatigue issues that can be a way to go test changing the objective in your campaigns and using reach.

Number Four

Use a frequency cap so an frequency refers to the average number of someone within your target audience has seen your ad. So we tend to see results drop off when frequency reaches to two point which means obviously that on average people within your target audience have seen your ad twice. Now if you can use a frequency cap and say to Facebook I don’t want the frequency to go above two you can really help prevent advert Fatigue .Facebook will put your ads in front of other people within your target audience instead of continually showing the same group of people within your target audience.

Number Five

Change your target audience again quite an obvious one but worth including in this blog .If you’ve been advertising a particular product or service to a certain audience it’s been working well for a long time and you start to see a drop-off and results try advertising to a different audience .One of the best ways to do that is to use a look-alike audience so if you’ve got a customer list or an email or something like that upload that to Facebook create a look-alike audience based off of that and advertise to those people.

Also try targeting a different audience one thing to watch out for here is audience overlap. So if you have used one interest targeting and you are going to use another interest targeting thinking you’re changing your audience but the two interests are very closely related there’s likely to be a significant amount of audience overlap so just bear that in mind when you’re changing your target audience in order to try and combat Facebook  ad fatigue.

Number Six

Limit your re-targeting budgets means re-targeting website visitors and previous customers as a fantastic thing to do on Facebook .It is very very profitable because of that a lot of people spend a large proportion of their total Facebook ad budget on re-targeting people but that’s not something that you want to do. Re-targeting lists whether it’s website visitors customer email list something like that are usually relatively small.Usually a lot lot smaller than cold audiences and because of that you can’t spend too much money. If you try and spend 25-30 percent of your total budget on re-targeting you’re likely to see that frequency number just shoot through the roof .You could end up with frequencies of 10-15-20 after just a couple of weeks .So I’d recommend take a pretty small proportion of your budget and use that to retarget now. If you do you know if you check your campaigns after a couple of weeks and you can see the frequency isn’t that high. Then maybe you can increase your budget but just one thing to watch out for in terms of preventing Facebook ad fatigue is to keep those budgets relatively small when you’re doing your re-targeting.

Number Seven

Finally technique number seven is to create holiday themed ads so this automatically refreshes your ad creative. If you’re tying your products to a specific holiday whether that’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day or Easter or whatever it happens to be you can only run those ads for so long probably and only a couple of weeks. But with most of them a couple of weeks before that your holiday and so that there’s not your ad isn’t live long enough for your target audience to start to become bored with it.When things are holiday themed people do pay more attention to it .I definitely recommend that you give that a go it’s a great way to prevent a dirty and it’s a good way to boost the overall performance of your Facebook ad campaigns as well so just for you go there’s something.

I hope the above pointers would be useful for your Facebook campaign.

Let me know in the comments section if there is any other method which i may have missed out .

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