4 Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Facebook ad mistakes that make a massive difference to a Facebook ad campaigns if you’re making one of these five mistakes or a number of these five Facebook ad mistakes then your campaigns are unlikely to succeed and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Not Choosing the Right Campaigns

So the very first mistake that I see people make all the time when it comes to Facebook advertising is they don’t use the right campaign objective .Most people just go with traffic because as you can see that is the default that is used within Facebook. Now if you want traffic in other words if you’re advertising an article or a blog post and you want to send as many people to that website as possible and that’s your end goal then its fantastic ,use traffic objective. If you want something else don’t use traffic, if you want conversions if you want to come through your website and make a purchase or come through to your website and inquire and become a lead use conversions .The conversions objective is the one you want to use.

There are lots of different other options obviously but make sure you select the one the best describes the action you want people to take. If you want people to watch a video and that is your end goal you don’t want to do anything after the video use video views. If you want them to convert on to the video use conversions. If you want people to engage with a post use post engagement.Use the objective that best describes what you want.

Ignoring Lookalike Audience

Facebook has some fantastic targeting options and people want to get really specific and they use lots of different interests and things.Facebook targeting option you can use is a look-alike audience that is based off of previous customers.  Look-alike can be created based off video viewers look like based off or website visitors etc. The best audience you can use most of time at the time is the look-alike based off previous customers. Facebook our mistake number two is not using look-alike particularly look-alike based off previous customers .

Your Ad should not look like an Ad

Your ad looks like an ad and a lot of these mistakes I feel like most of these mistakes that I put in here are ones that people don’t really know of actually. So the biggest one is that your ad actually looks like an ad and the best ads on Facebook don’t even seem like ads .When your ads look like ads then people on Facebook have a choice what they look at and what they don’t look at .Because they’re scrolling down Facebook why would they even spend time looking at your ad. If they instantly their subconscious brain automatically knows it’s an ad why are they even gonna spend time to look at it and another thing on top of that to know is Facebook rewards ads with high engagement.So you can tell how high your engagement percentages by your quality score which is shown in the ads section of your ads manager as a statistic .The reason Facebook does this because it wants is people to be engaged on its platform because if they’re engaged then Facebook actually reward you and your ad and show it to more people for less money. If your ad is highly engaging and if your ad doesn’t get attention in the first point 5 seconds it’s just completely done.

Put Yourself in Customer Shoes

Mistake no.3 is not putting yourself in the customer shoes .The main problem people have is not putting yourself in the customers shoes .So what I kind of mean by that is not knowing who your ideal target customer. Like their wants, needs and pain and not actually thinking about what do they want if you guys have ever seen like.Just putting yourself in the customers shoes is extremely extremely important and this is the number one thing I can advice I can give you in marketing .But the biggest thing is when you’re not putting yourself in the customers shoes .The best way you can do that is by asking someone in their ideal customer demographic – honestly critique your ads or take surveys of people that are in your exact customer demographic because you can truly never know from yourself and you’re just your own opinion like what’s exactly going to work you need to ask somebody.

For example if you are a digital marketing company then they should not be targeting people that own digital marketing agencies and one of the main problem people with digital marketing agencies have is actually providing the services to their clients because it takes a lot of time and obviously they know that. That’s why they designed their business around it .They should target towards trade show marketers as they are the ideal customer.

Hope you all don’t commit the above mistakes and that will give you much better result for your Ad campaign.

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