5 Actionable Tips to Beat Facebook Algorithm in 2019(Update)

The Facebook algorithm loves to keep things changing and you should shift to the strategy to keep up with Facebook Algorithm changes. Today I am going to tell you 5Insane tips that can explode traffic to your Facebook Post. These are the exact steps that help me grow exponentially on Organic reach.

Tip #1: How Often Should You Post?

The burning question: how many times you should post in a day? Should you post once a day, twice, three times?

The hard truth is, when you put up your 1st post of the day, each consecutive one gets 60 fewer clicks. So what does that mean? It means that less is more!

Tip #2: Pay Attention to Insights

I hate stats & figures nor I am a number guy but when it comes to Facebook Algorithm it does matter.

So it’s very important to look at your Facebook Insights from time to time to see what’s working well. You’ll see what posts got the most engagement and can adjust accordingly.

Sometimes it is better not to post at the peak time even though I know lots of my fans are on Facebook. But if it’s the peak time for my page, it’s likely the peak time for my competitors so I know the news feed will be crowded.

Use Insights to leverage the Facebook news feed algorithm to your advantage.

Tip #3: Don’t Use Links in the Description

Should you add links to the description of your posts?

Never, Never and Never The answer is a hard NO!

Because Facebook hates when people leave there platform. So whenever the  New Facebook algorithm “smells” even a hint of a link (no, even a link to your Facebook Group is not ok), it stops showing it to people. That’s Crazy! But that’s how the Facebook game works. So knowing the rules becomes vital over here, winning becomes a matter of time when you know the rules!

Tip#4: Nurture your Kick start

The success of your reach on Facebook depends on the initial ring, and whether they start to engage first or not. If they engage first then Facebook will start to spread that reach further and further. So the question is how to nurture your Kick-starters?

If someone comments on your post or shares it, or even DM’s you, then what do you do? If you’re one of those people who gives thumbs-up reactions or smiley face or thanks that’s not good enough.

And that not gonna encourage them to redo this again and engage in the future. So you lost one potential Kick starter. So you need to engage back properly and you need to build those relationships and this Kick starter will be the backbone for your success in Facebook 

 Tip#5: Space Out Your Answers To Comments

When you’re replying to your comments, reply to your first comments right away! Why? Because the algorithm picks it up as a quality piece of content when there’re conversations happening in the comments.

In a day or two, jump back into the comments. That’s how you bring the post back to life. The best way to make your post more relevant for a longer period of time is to create conversations in the comments!

IMPORTANT: If your posts aren’t getting good engagement, that hurts your page. So if you published something that’s getting crickets after 72 hours, just delete it. Marketing is all about testing things out and having fun with it!

BONUS TIP: The Best Time For Posting

We’ve all heard of posting when people are online, right? But try this for size: post outside of business hours. So instead of posting at 11 am, 3 pm or 7 pm, play with it and post between 9 pm and 11 pm. You might be amazed by the results!

Did I Mis Anything?

Now I’d like to hear from you

Which strategy you would try from today’s post?

Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite Facebook Tips.

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