One Funnel Away Challenge Review- 2021

In the past, we’ve all been familiar with ClickFunnels and we’re aware of the program that can help you build sales funnels and automation.

This isn’t a surprise to us however, within ClickFunnels numerous sub-categories allow you to earn additional money in this and there, based on your preferences.

There are many methods to utilize ClickFunnels and make it something profitable regardless of whether you sell your self-made products or create funnels, or don’t even utilize it at all, but instead make it available through affiliate programs.

You could even make a fortune by creating a course about how to earn money with ClickFunnels just like Jacob Caris did!

In this article, we’ll be looking at The One Funnel Away Challenge that ClickFunnels poses to its customers.

We’re trying to determine whether it’s a fraud and if it’s worth the money or if it’s complete bologna.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

On first sight, you may think that this challenge is likely bring you wealth within 30 days, as many insane people say however, that’s not the case with this challenge.

The 30-day challenge a community of people who will assist you create a successful sales funnel in just 30-days.

There is a chance that this funnel could transform you from a poor person to prosperous as I’ve seen it occur however there are no guarantees you’ll ever make profits from it.

It’s an instructional guide that is step-by-step that is taught by the top name experts at ClickFunnels.

Furthermore, you will also have accessibility for Funnelhacker Community. Funnelhacker Community, where you can connect with others who are also taking on the challenge to ask questions and receive feedback on various aspects within the funnel.

What do you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge kit?

When you sign-up you’ll not just have access to an online community and a community of users, but they will also give you tools to help you develop and be more successful..

There’s a plan you can follow and this is exactly what you’ll get. Let’s have a look.

One Funnel Away Challenge workbook PDF

The first item you get is the PDF workbook which has more than 550 pages along with a 30-day map-out task.

It’s packed with funnel training. it’s worth $3,126 which means that for the amount you’re paying it’s a great deal

This book will guide readers through all the actions to complete every day for the 30 days to ensure that you don’t fall in the lurch, and only costs you $100..

What I like most about ClickFunnels is the fact that they not just instruct you based on the words of the founders of ClickFunnels have to tell you, but also receive the methods and lessons of two comma-club earners that is to say they are millionaires thanks to ClickFunnels.

Experiences from people who offer them are fantastic I appreciate the benefit of having acces to ClickFunnels 30-day Summit.

This event is intended to help you see the world differently and make you aware of the possibilities of creating an effective funnel.

Marketing funnels are responsible for making plenty of people wealthy and this is an opportunity to you.

One of the things that speakers ask guests to imagine what their lives would be if they lost everything and needed to rebuild their lives in just 30 days. What will you choose to accomplish?

This summit will make you to realize that you’re just one step away from having a profitable and growing business regardless of what the circumstances are.

30 days dot com book

This book dissect all interviews with two members of the club earning comma that Russell Brunson has conducted..

He goes through and goes over each interview so that you can decide your decisions on their own experiences.

My opinion is that the experience alone can be worth the price of $100 because it is impossible to put the price on learning the lessons of an individual who has been through what you’re trying accomplish.

They’ve already attempted, struggled and failed. They can show you how to build on them and get around all the mistakes they made..

MP3 player

Additionally, you receive the MP3 player that contains all audio recordings recorded during the 30-day course.

These recordings allow you to take the course along with you everywhere you move to help you learn when it is most convenient for you.

There are a variety of digital products you can get access to, such as that Facebook group that is for participants of the challenge for 30 days..

There you’ll be able connect with others who are experiencing the same issues like you. Additionally, you can ask questions and receive answers.

Who is this challenge for?

However, do you think the One Funnel Away Challenge for you? I don’t believe this challenge is suitable for everyone.

The challenge is an extremely intense and fast-paced event that requires your attention and energy for 30 days.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You have an idea for an online business, but don’t know how to get your product or service advertised
  • You’ve hit a brick wall in your company and require an organized game plan to move your business up the ladder
  • Are you an affiliate marketer that is looking to boost sales
  • Have never constructed an funnel, but would like to understand how to build one.
  • Need to repair the funnel that is in place.

But, the problem will likely not be for those who:

  • Do not have time to sit and watch the videos or go through the tasks
  • Do you want to implement an “get rich quickly” business plan
  • Would you like to attend a class that they can schedule for some time?
  • Don’t be a believer in investing money into your own company (this issue is not for free , and we’ll get into the cost later)
  • They think their sales funnels are flawless and don’t need tough-love to grow and improve

If you’re in any of the abovecategories, you’ll be tempted to leave the One Funnel Away Challenge review since the challenge may not be suitable for you.

Why should you care about funnels?

Before I dive to the main course of One Funnel Away Challenge program, I’d like to discuss how important funnels are.

If you don’t know the importance of funnels to your company and your business, you’ll be unable to understand the reason why the information shared within this OFA Challenge is so valuable.

If you’re brand new to selling online, you’ll be able to miss this step.

Simply simply, a funnel for sales is the process that directs the customer to your product, service or offer, regardless of whether it’s the sale of a service, product or an affiliate sales.

If your funnel is designed properly, it is an agent of sales who can hold the hand of your customers, shows them how to proceed and encourages them to make a purchase.

We participate in a variety of sales funnels each day, from purchasing our morning coffee , to buying groceries to buying online for products we’re interested in.

As a smart business owner You should be aware of how to improve your funnels so that you increase leads, clicks and, ultimately sales.

Sales funnels aren’t always easy to understand, and if you’re not aware of what a good funnel is, you may do much more damage than benefit.

A poorly-designed funnel could let prospects escape throughout the process and leave you with poor conversion rates, and angry customers.

However an efficient funnel is the key ingredient for boosting your business.

The challenge “One Funnel Away” will guide you through the process and show you everything you require to build high-converting sales funnels to your company.

Sound good? Let’s get right into the program.

What you’ll learn

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn during the 5 weeks in this One Funnel Away challenge:

  • Week of pre-challenge All about getting into good mindsets to move your company ahead.
  • Week1 Learn the fundamentals of selling online. This includes how to capture the attention of potential customers by creating a an appealing hook as well as the importance of telling stories and the steps to create an appealing offer.
  • Week 2 Everything about selling copy. This was the week that I loved the most because it’s relevant to the sale of books. I was able to create hooks to tell a compelling story that triggers an emotional response by the audience, as well as also how to create an “aha” experience in the mind of my readers about the possibility of a new business.
  • Week 3 – The fundamentals of creating the sales funnel. This is the real-world guidance I would not have found any other place. I learned how to make the sales page, sequence pages and One Time offers (OTOs) and more.
  • Week 4 The focus is on promotion and traffic. Even though I’m an SEO person who believes in organic traffic, it was exciting to discover the many paid traffic options that are available.

I learned a lot of useful things over five weeks. But, two points are clear as essential game changers in my life:

  • How exactly do I tell an engaging story about my product. Like Russell Branson explains in the beginning of the series, there is an example of telling stories that build confidence, emotions and trust that can be used for any product. The sales page I have created is better since I’ve learned this.
  • Making the sales funnel. When I finished the course, I was aware of everything about creating an effective sales funnel and how to create it inside ClickFunnels. I learned how to create an online sales page, a the squeeze page, an upsell page, etc. and the proper sequence based of the particular product.

Today, many people suggest that you should study or listen to all the material the three instructors teach you (in the order they give it) and then complete all homework assignments on time. I believe they’re exaggerating how strict the course is.

It is necessary to work harder than an average online marketing class, but I did a little research on some aspects that were not pertinent to my business, and was focusing on the areas that were important to me.

I would suggest a little cherry picking is a good idea for this program.

Benefits of joining the One Funnel Away Challenge

Alongside getting thousands worth of material that you won’t be in a position to purchase elsewhere there are other advantages of OFA Challenge. OFA Challenge I want to draw attention to.

By joining this One Funnel Away Challenge will open many doors to you, including the opportunity to meet some of the top online marketers (Russell, Julie and Stephen).

It is also possible to connect with others in the challenge Many of them are fantastic people to connect with and to get acquainted with.

Cons of the One Funnel Away Challenge

If I say that this course is quick-paced, I’m referring to it. It is not possible to go through the course slowly and in a haphazard manner.

If you decide to leave work then you’ll be in the lurch.

Although I’m not the most organized student in this task however, I did force myself to set aside time in each day to take a class that I learned something new from this class.

But do you think that the hard work of 30 days worth the chance of creating highly effective funnels for sales?

It was for me.

Frequently Asked Questions about the One Funnel Away Challenge

What is the cost?

It’s worth it. One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100. If you’d like to purchase the physical version you’ll need pay for shipping at $19.95 for the US and $29.95 outside of the US. You can, however, use the digital only version of the challenge , which includes no shipping costs.

Is it worth it?

The total cost to participate in The One Funnel Away Challenge is $100.

It’s not pocket money, however it’s a tiny amount relative to what you’ll discover. At the end of the course, you’ll have your money back in just one day using the new funnels that are improved.

I did the first day I started my funnel for sales.

To put the $100 in context, Russell Brunson currently charges $100,000 for sitting down with clients for just 1 day’s coaching. That’s not even including Stephen’s or Julie’s rates for coaching.

With this OFA Challenge, you have 30 days of instruction with three top marketers at a less than the cost.

Do you require you to join a ClickFunnels membership?

The great thing about this task is that you do not require additional software or accessories to finish the project or gain knowledge from the material given.

In the interest of being transparent, I’ll be honest: ClickFunnels does make the funnel-building process a lot easier. After completing the challenge you might be wanting to sign up with ClickFunnels on your own.

In week 3, the challenge , you will be creating your funnels having an account with a ClickFunnels account is helpful.

But, creating the sales funnel is done in many different methods:

  • On your website
  • In your marketing email software
  • Other funnel building software.

If you’re looking to try it but aren’t keen on signing to ClickFunnels don’t fret. You’ll still get the benefits the course offers.

I have written my full critique of the ClickFunnels platform here..

Why can’t I simply learn everything on the internet for free?

There is no better way to learn the basics of funnels as well as direct response marketing on the internet for no cost.

In reality, I’ve learned much of what I have learned about blogging and online marketing from the free information available online. However, I was not hesitant to join The One Funnel Away Challenge myself.

Here’s why.

First When you Google “sales funnels for beginners” over 55 million results are displayed.

In all of those sources Many are inaccurate and outdated.

Consider how long it would be to assemble all that data on your own.

6 months?

1 year?

It is important to consider what your time is worth. If you’re given some time (or many years) to learn sales funnels on your own , and you’re not in a hurry to move your business forward Perhaps learning on your own is the path you’d like to pursue.

And, not only that, there’s a chance that you’ll commit mistakes on the way that could result in loss of sales as well as potential customers.

If you look at it from this viewpoint, $100 isn’t too much of an investment, if it’s going save time and prevent lost sales.

If you’re trying to identify sales funnels in just 30 days, the One Funnel Away Challenge is the solution.

Additionally the free courses have typically low rates of completion. The majority of people who sign up for free courses and never complete them.

And I’m sure you’re considering: “but I’m different, I’d be able to take this program!” But honestly speaking If you’re a participant with your stake playing the game (such as money you’ve invested) it’s more likely to read the content and understand the information.

My One Funnel Away Challenge review verdict

The One Funnel Away Challenge has been making waves among online business owners in recent days.

I’m not a fan of online classes, especially ones that deal with marketing on the internet. Also, Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels is the best salesperson. The appealing sale page of The One Funnel Away Challenge is evidence of this.

The fact is that One Funnel Away Challenge delivers significant value for those who are prepared to commit to the 30 day course of instruction.

I hit a brick barrier selling my eBooks before I joined the challenge. The moment I launched my sales funnel using ClickFunnels I increased the number of books sold by 150 percent.

If you’re willing to be willing to do a amount of work each all day, for 30 consecutive days and you are willing to commit, the One Funnel Away Campaign can help you earn much more cash online.

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