Facebook Marketing Strategy 2019

Social Media is the cornerstone of modern internet marketing.(called Social Media Strategy [SMS] in the marketing world).

If your company is not using SMM Strategy, you need to get started immediately.

If your business is like most, SMM strategy is already part of your online marketing efforts. But how do you track and improve your ROI over time?

Optimizing Your Results

Social media is an investment. It takes time, skill, and money to create a successful Branded Social Media campaign.So lets discuss the strategies which can be implemented in the largest Social media platform that is Facebook

Before going ahead lets get an overview of what Facebook is offering to business owner in 2019.

Facebook is simply the best social media marketing tool in the industry for all kinds of business owner.It doesn’t matter in which industry you are in with Facebook having 2.2 Billion users  ,chances are there that your customer are in Facebook.

One of the best internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk had said that “Facebook and Instagram are the best platform for business to reach your potential customer and the scary part is that right now both the platform are under priced and his is not going to be for ever”.

It has been estimated that over 1 billion dollar will shift from traditional to Social Media Marketing in the next 12- 18 months .And with limited advertising space the price will go up & up & up.As we all know the organic reach is decreasing for the last 2 years in almost all Social Media Platform and the Organic reach is almost dead.

So the question is how are we going to showcase our  product and services to our potential customer.For this we have to follow the below ULTIMATE FACEBOOK STRATEGY  which will help us to great extent to reach our potential customer.


Think about it Facebook is content creation machine , this where you and I go and find interesting content , pictures , videos and just interesting content.You and I don’t go to Facebook to sign up or to buy anything .Don’t try to sell your product and service aggressively as people in Facebook go to platform to buy something.So whats the first step in content creation “CREATE SOMETHING THEY WANT TO SEE”(Educational,Entertaining,Relevant) what’s in it for them .Whatever the content may be make sure it is relevant and worthy of there attention.


Sharing content with your friends ,family & influencer is simply not enough and also you need put money behind it .And remember in 2019 Facebook Ads are still Cheap. But before boosting your post you have to remember few things.Firstly if you are sharing you content in a different platform like your website then make sure your website have Facebook Pixel installed.And if you don’t know what Facebook Pixel is , then it is a little line of code which tracks all the visitors who visits your website are on Facebook.In other words when they are Facebook , then Facebook will know that person who was on your website just a little while ago , or week ago or a month ago.So make sure that Facebook Pixel is installed in your website because it is really important for the the next step.But before we go to the next step i would highly recommend to know about the basic of Facebook Marketing.Hence I would highly recommend to read and learn about the Facebook Marketing Campaign.But how you will learn,In fact Facebook has its own online course to learn Facebook Marketing Campaign which is called Facebook blueprint.Please find the link below to learn it as this a great way to learn about Facebook Marketing Campaign.



Now since you have created  great content on your Facebook page , you have learned how to create the campaign,installed Facebook Pixel and have couple of campaign running on Facebook.

So What’s next  ?Getting back to your customer who has already consumed content on your Facebook page with something new .According to Marketing laws you have to be in front of your customer at least seven times before people make a buying decision.So our job is to find within the targeted audience  who wants something we can offer.Now we can put more content to them that interest them so that we can develop a relationship.And what is the number of time we have to be in front of them ? That is Seven Times .We can do this by re targeting the audience who have consumed the content over and over and over again. In fact that works too ! But as we are discussing about the ULTIMATE FACEBOOK STRATEGY then our approach is slightly different.As we know in the end the Facebook Marketing is going to go high hence my suggestion is to capture the audience who consume your content via Subscription, Email or downloading    E- book. So you can communicate with them via these platform .But how ? By re-targeting these audience which you will learn in the Facebook Blueprint Course.So when you runs ads you can target those audience by running re-targeting ads and communicate with them in a different way.For Example you can ask them to join your Facebook Group or sign up for a newsletter or you can ask them to call you in case they are interested for consultation .


So by following the above method you are building a list of audience  who may after couple of times may buy your product or services .This method of providing value to your customer for free is called Nurturing.So during this nurturing stage you must be focused to give great value to your audience ,like give them useful advice & tips  , answer there query, tell the how to do and provide value to them .


After providing value to your targeted audience comes the Grand Finale , that the Sale pitch.In my opinion use the 10:1 ration I mean  provide value 10 times and offer once , but most of them do the opposite, they offer 10 times and provide value once .And remember whenever you offer always create a Time Sensitive Offer or can give them discount if they come directly to your business or give them a Facebook Group offer for the members.What if they they don’t take the offer .Not to worry,again provide value to them for another 5-6 times and then offer.


Hope the article helps your business to tap new customer in business.If you have any another strategy that works for you then do share in the comments 



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