MotionNFTmaker-GroundBreaking App

Groundbreaking App For Non-Artists Makes Motion NFT Crypto Art Which You Can Sell On eBay-Like Sites To Collectors & Speculators. Forever Automatically Collect Passive Perpetual Royalties Every Time Your NFTs Get Resold.

It turns static images and photos into live photos that animate and move.

MotionNFTmaker includes proprietary CRA AI technology, which allows people to make motion crypto art NFTs by simply clicking their mouse.
And because CRA AI technology does all the heavy lifting, it is mathematically almost impossible for people to not get any collector worthy results, even if they have not made any art in their entire life and have no tech experience at all.

MotionNFTmaker is the first ever app of this kind on our market.

Features of MotionNFTmaker

✅World’s #1 Motion NFT Maker App With CRA AI technology

✅Convert Any Photo & Image To Crypto Art NFT

✅Very Easy To Use Thanks CRA AI Tech

✅Includes FREE Software Updates

✅Desktop Based – No Cloud Lag & Delays

✅Commercial License Included

How Easy Motion NFT Maker

Step1 -Select the picture.

Step2- Select the areas you want to animate.


Are you ready to discover the first to market groundbreaking app with proprietary CRA AI technology,which allows you to make motion crypto art NFTs by simply clicking your mouse?

If so, I’m about to show you how you can sell them on eBay-like sites to collectors, investors, and speculators, and not only charge one time payments,

But also forever automatically collect passive royalties every time your NFT gets resold on the secondary market.

CRA AI Technology Does All The Heavy Lifting

And because CRA AI technology does all the heavy lifting, it is mathematically almost impossible for you to not get any collector worthy results,even if you have not made any art in your entire life and have no tech experience at all.

PLUS – You will get all the info you need on how to use your crypto art NFTs themselves to bring traffic to your listings so you can sell as many pieces of art as humanly possible.On top of that, inside the member area you will get important resources on how you can avoid the so-called minting fee until your crypto art NFT is already sold.

And don’t worry, making crypto art does not include you doing anything taxing, tiresome, or boring.

Because of our proprietary CRA AI technology, anyone can make NFT ready crypto art without any prior art or tech experience.

What Crypto Art NTF Is?

In Layman language NFT basically means digital age art, which works the same as real world art just online. But there is a very important twist – it is minted to a blockchain.

The minting is a digital engraving of the art into a blockchain, in the way that it cannot be removed, but it can change the owner.

The result of the minting of art is called NFT.

On the high level NFT simply means one-of-the-kind.

What Gives Crypto Art NFTs Its Value?

It is that blockchain immutability which gives crypto art NFTs its value because art minted to NFT can demonstrate verifiable identity and scarcity.

NFTs are just the latest realization of a passion that is a natural part of human psychology: collecting objects.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about crypto art, minting, and NFT.

The Crazy World Of Crypto Art NTFs & How A Non-Artist Can Get In

So, if you are ready to discover the crazy world of crypto art NTFs, and how a non-artist can get in, sell them, and collect passive royalties, keep watching.

Let’s talk first about how the passive royalties work on the example of a top crypto art sold, and how creators can actually have better results from the passive royalties than from the original sale when their art is suddenly discovered or frequently traded.

For example, Business Insider wrote that a previously relatively unknown artist going by the name of Beeple set the automatic royalties to 10% on his crypto NFT arts.

Top sale: $69 Millions Dollars For
A JPG File Minted To Blockchain As NFT

He originally sold one of his crypto art pieces for what he thought was a great deal of money at the time of the sale.

Well, after the art he already sold was picked up by Christie’s art auction house, it sold for $69 millions dollars to the highest bidder.

You heard it right. $69 millions dollars for a jpg file minted to blockchain as NFT.

$6.9 Million In Automatic Passive Royalties

And it is where the power of automatic passive royalties kicked in for him.

He got 10% percent automatic royalty from that $69 million sale, so he passively got $6.9 million, which was way way more than the original sale price he sold it at for.

The crazy part is that until just 6 month before that $69 millions sale, the most Beeple whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, charged for his print was $100.

From Max Art Price Of $100, To
$69 Million Within Six Month

So he went from charging a maximum of $100, to his crypto art NFT being auctioned for $69 million within six month.

In this example you can also clearly see the incentive for crypto art investors, and speculators who hope that they can resell the art for a higher price.

That Beeple’s sale was the biggest to date, but there are many not too shabby other sales like for example CryptoPunk #3100, which is one of 10,000 unique CryptoPunk images, sold for $7.58 million; .

An image named Crossroads sold for $6.6 million; and the screenshot of the first ever twitter tweet sold for $2.9 million.

No Matter If You Get Lucky & Hit It Big, Or Not,
You Can Still Charge A Smaller Amount & Collect Passive Royalties.

The value of crypto art is determined by how much people are willing to spend.

If you think Beeple’s crypto art NFT mentioned above that was sold for $69 million doesn’t make any sense you may be right.

But someone was willing to spend that money, and that means that it is the value of that crypto art.

The fact is tons of people are cashing in, on selling low priced crypto art NFTs on eBay-like websites.

For example, the Economic Times magazine reported that unknown digital artists like India based Hassan are flooding marketplaces with their creations that are fetching payments and value.

Who Is Buying Crypto Art NFTs?

They are typically bought by 3 categories of people: collectors, investors and speculators.

The collectors buy crypto art to keep it in their collection and to show it off around.

Investors buy to hold for a longer period of time in a hope for the value to increase over time, for example when the creator gets more popular or becomes famous.

Take Full Advantage Of The Latest Crypto Arts Craze

In its initial phase the NFTs were mostly static images but the market started filling up with those.

Right now the latest craze is the moving and animated crypto arts.

This is where, if you have the proper tool, you can lean in and take full advantage of that to access those hungry collectors, investors, and speculators.

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