7 Facebook Lead Generation Strategies To Get More Sales

If you want leads and prospects for your business you need to go where all the people are and right now all of the people are on Facebook. So I’m going to share with you seven Facebook lead generation strategies to help you immediately stir up more business. I’m gonna give you seven Facebook lead generation strategies below

1.Facebook Lives

The first one that I’m going to start with is the absolute best, fastest, easiest and free strategies that are out there.  I want you to understand this first one and how important it is for your business.  Facebook live is now you might be really scared to do a Facebook live. But it is literally one of the best ways that you can build up your audience and generate leads on Facebook. You don’t even have to spend any money.

Facebook is even giving right now more exposure to people who are doing Facebook lives than some people who are paying for advertising on Facebook. So make sure that you incorporate a Facebook live show either a weekly show or biweekly for your business. This is to entertain, educate and inform your audience on a certain topic that has to do with your business. And then have a really good call to action that leads into a way for them to learn more.

2.Facebook Messenger bots

The next facebook lead generation strategy is using facebook Messenger bots like mini chat.  If you use this strategy in conjunction with facebook lives and you will get a lot of people not only on my email list but on facebook Messenger list.  So that is a second way to generating a lot of leads on Facebook.

3.Facebook Ads

You can generate a lot of leads on Facebook is using Facebook Ads of course. So paying facebook right to either boost your posts or do very strategic ad planning. Facebook ads are a really good way to generate a lot of leads if you do it right on Facebook.

4.Facebook Groups

The next Facebook lead generation strategy is using Facebook groups. This is an incredible way to build a brand, build a culture and community of people who begin to know, like and trust you. They also feel comfortable to take your recommendations and suggestions. And buy your stuff and this is specifically through Facebook closed groups. Building a free Facebook community for your people and you can even have a call to action from your facebook lives to have people come and join you in your Facebook group. So you can build a stronger more deep relationship with your prospects and turn them into leads and sales.

5.Strategic Social Media Posting Schedule

Having a strategic social media posting schedule doesn’t mean that you have to hang out on Facebook all day long. You just have to have a very strategic schedule put together for your posting. You’ve got a post on purpose for profits that’s what I recommend to maximize and leverage out your time and increase your results out the back end.  But make sure that you have a very strategic and on purpose posting schedule that you implement and you’re consistent with it on Facebook.

6.Social Media Sales Funnel

Facebook lead generation strategy number six is to make sure that you’re using a social media sales funnel. When people watch your posts or your videos or your facebook lives you have to have somewhere that you can tell your people where to go so you can collect their information. So you know how to follow up with them so this is in the form of a social media sales funnel and Manychat strategy number two is essentially a social media sales funnel.

7.Engaging with the people

Facebook lead generation strategy number seven is to make sure that you are engaging with the people that are engaging with you. So comment back to everybody that leaves a comment or sends you a message. What you want to do is link back always to your social media sales funnel. So you can give people the value they can share their name, email and telephone number with you. And then you can follow up with the interested prospects that come into your world.


And there you have it: Seven simple yet super-effective ways to generate more customers from your leads.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these tactics? If so, how did they affect the success of your campaigns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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