5 Killer Technique To Write Facebook Ad Copy That Convert

If you’re running Facebook Ads you want results then you want conversion, you want leads and sales  & you want to profit. In order to get a profit from Facebook, you only need to get three ingredients.

  • You need to have an irresistible offer something that people actually want to buy.
  • It should have a good traffic source and you need to get the right people, the right targeting to that offer.
  • And you need ad copy that compels people to take action

You’ve got the offer you’re sending the right people to it and you’ve got the right thing that compels people to take the action you want them to take. Those three ingredients are gonna allow you to run Facebook Ads that get conversions and get results.

But before we get into the actual ad copy  I want to ask the question why is ad copy so important. Well, let’s pause the scenario your perfect customer is scrolling through Facebook clicking pictures of friends and family. They don’t want to see ads on their Facebook feed. They want more funny videos, pictures of friends, pictures of the family. So whenever you are advertising and trying to get into their feed you’re interrupting them. They don’t care who you are, they don’t care what you have to say and so our ads need to make them care. It needs to be good enough to make them care.

If your ad copy doesn’t do then it doesn’t matter if you’re targeting the right people, doesn’t matter if you have a great offer, doesn’t matter if you get great results none of that stuff matters. Because you’re not compelling them enough to actually pay attention to what you have to say. So somebody scrolls through their feed normally what happens is the picture, the creatives that the video will capture their attention. If that captures their attention then they’ll read the text and if the text doesn’t compel them well you’ve lost them.

So the text must compel them enough to take that next step. So let’s discuss over the five ad copy techniques that are going to help you get more results with your Facebook Ads.

Benefit Over Features

The first ad copy technique is one that is always overlived and I don’t think is overlooked by all like on purpose. It’s just people that are naturally inclined to talk about features rather than benefits. We should always talk about the benefits not features. So some features might include things like you can access to my VIP Facebook group and you also get weekly PDF downloads. The features are the things that are happening, the things that you gain when you purchase a product or service but they’re not the benefit that’s not the things that are going to change people’s lives. That’s just the mechanism that you are using to deliver the benefit. The benefits might be something along the lines of the VIP Facebook group. So you have to get constant support from people that are going through the exact same thing. The weekly PDFs so you’ve got a constant track of where you’re at in your learning meaning you never go off track.

The benefits are the things that pull on the heartstrings that are going to change that person’s life. The real valuable part you know somebody isn’t buying a program because they get access to a Facebook group or they get free PDFs. They’re buying it because of the benefit of that program. How they think that program will help change their life. Now the easiest way to make sure that you’re always using benefit-driven statements and benefit-driven ads to use “so that”statement. So whenever you’re writing ad copy and you’re talking about the features simply just add that the sentence and then that leads you into the benefit.

For example, free weekly PDFs saw that you always stay on track or we might go for you get access to the VIP Facebook group so that you have constant support from people going through the exact same problems. The statement makes a massive difference and it’s gonna drive more people to take the action.

Yes Questions

The second ad copy tactic that I want to talk about is using what I like to call the yes questions. These are questions that we ask in our ad copy that gets are a perfect customer to say yes subconsciously. To get our not perfect customer to say no so if we’re writing an ad copy. We’re talking it’s maybe we’re selling a product that is helping people leave their nine to five jobs. If we were to ask yes questions at the beginning of that ad we might say something along the lines of “do you hate your nine to five job“. If you hate your nine to five job which means you’re perfect for the webinar. And you’re going to answer yes to that question. If you don’t hate your job which means you’re not perfect for our webinar and you’re not perfect for our product. Then you’re gonna answer no to that and you’re gonna move on.

So these yes questions are used to get our perfect customer to say yes. So ask yourself when you’re writing ad copy what questions could I ask to get my perfect customer to say yes. If we have the yes question at the beginning of our ad copy and they say yes they’re going to read the rest of the ad. If they read the rest of the ad we have their attention and they’re more likely to take the action we want to take.


The third ad copy technique is asking yourself how can I make this relevant to the person I’m going after. Like I’ve already mentioned if we’re targeting someone for the first time they don’t know who we are. They’re also not going to care what we say and so we have to make them care. We have to think of ways that we can make our ad relevant to that person. Now what we want to do is not to talk about ourselves but to talk about something that’s mutually interesting between us and we’re trying to target. That’s what we’ve been doing in the last couple of points that means we’re making it benefit-driven. So we’re pulling on their heartstrings for making it yes questions So we’re getting them to answer yes to specific problems in this one.

How do we make it relevant to that person so we might like to use things like location if we’re a local business? We’re targeting people in a local area we might want to say “hey do you live in New York “. That’s immediately going to get people that are interested in New York. They pay attention because they see something that’s interesting and relevant to them. Maybe we’re targeting fans of a football team we might want to mention that the football team in our ad copy again. Because it makes super relevant to the people that are receiving your ad.

One call-to-action

The fourth ad copy technique is to have one call-to-action. We’re trying to get that person to take that might be signing up for a webinar, sign up for a free consultation, buy something, download my ebook. Whatever that action is we only want to have one of them in our ads. The same goes for our landing pages and every part of our website and our emails. You only want to have one call to action.

For example, you went to a restaurant and you looked at the menu and there were some thousand different things to choose from. What happens you don’t understand you’re like I don’t know what to choose. Now you go to another restaurant and there are five options it’s easy to choose one. We want to make it easy for people to take that action. So just be specific with it and just include one.

Show proof

The fifth and final ad copy technique is to show proof and to show social proof. If you can use numbers when you’re doing the impact is more. Numbers always stand out and if you can prove how successful your program, your webinar, your whatever is you’re trying to sell is by showing numbers. For example, this person generated 37 percent more profit and that proof go a long long way. Even better if you can show that proof from the other person so get the person to create a video. Get the person to give you a quarter testimony. There are other people that have been there and got results. This is going to make other people see in your content for the first time trust you a whole lot.

These techniques are universal they can be used on your landing pages, your funnels, your blogs. Wherever your writing these techniques will always apply. Drop a comment if there’s anything that you find it particularly interesting or any ad copy techniques that you’ve used that you think

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